It’s the first time in history of outdoor advertising and marketing that we can first see a billboard and then hear it simultaneously by tuning-in on fm radio while driving by an announcement. It is a large billboard sign that sings. It is ahead of its time and simply a great idea! The Tadros twins innovate and re-invent advertising in show business. Their latest album “Yo Quiero Bailar” is presented on this billboard and we can hear it simultaneously by tuning-in 96.3 FM when approaching the billboard. This advertisement can be seen on highway 10 north just before entering Champlain Bridge. This surprising and innovative billboard plays their hit single “Yo Quiero Bailar” (which means “I wanna Dance” in English) 24 hours on 24. This title song is already a hit in 7 countries and now top 10 on the Quebec music charts. It is estimated that an additional 1 million drivers will hear the song in the following month. The album « Yo Quiero Bailar » has just recently been released last September. The record label indisputably surpassed itself when it had the task of promoting this unique product. The result is the birth of a new concept. Their new song can now be heard on 96.3 FM when approaching the billboard sign. The album being promoted includes their very popular Christmas song “All we want for Christmas is love” which played throughout the holiday season last year. Viacom tells us that it’s the first time in outdoor advertising history they participate in a concept that communicates a visual and auditory message. This new system is refreshing and innovative for this traditional media. A billboard sign that promotes artists and that plays their music, for you, in your car on the FM radio. That’s amazing! The TADROS brothers who will undoubtedly get the record industry talking have incontestably just created a precedent in Canada. Take the Champlain Bridge to live this new experience and listen to their hit single. It’s worth the detour. The TADROS brothers are the inventers of this concept and hold the rights to use this technology. Patents are deposited for Canada, USA,France and England. For information 514.865.5072

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